Adam Rush


2 August, 2022


Looking for new job opportunities can be an exciting or nerve-wrenching moment in your life, depending on the circumstances. Usually, you’ll be browsing new opportunities whilst employed as you’re sparked for a new challenge. However, there are times when you’re unemployed either through redundancy or similar.

3 weeks ago, I found myself looking for new opportunities due to redundancy for the first time in 15 years. It came as a shock, but deep down, I was excited about what next challenge would come my way.

The announcement to me could have been improved, and it hit me personally, but the iOS community never failed to provide me ample amount of love, help and support. During those moments, I was sent many amazing opportunities to join; of course, I couldn’t accept all of those.

After having calls with Circuit, I was super impressed with this company that is not only bootstrapped, but their product is super cool. Optimising deliveries and empowering thousands of delivery drivers with technology is cool. The company and people also attracted me greatly, especially given the last 10 months.

iOS Opportunities

So, in no particular order, I have listed below the opportunities I had sent my way. If you’re looking for your next iOS role, then I suggest reaching out or looking at the opportunities as there are some amazing ones:

What Next?

I just want to finalize this unusual article that I don’t normally write with huge gratitude to everyone who reached out to me personally, either with opportunities or just showing you cared. It meant so much to me, and I owe each of you.

Finally, I hope this list will help you, but I ask you to do your own research when looking at new opportunities :]


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