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Adam Rush

Behind Swiftly Rush

Hello, my name is Adam Rush and welcome to my website SwiftlyRush.

I have worked in the iOS industry for 10 years (a decade). I know, it’s a very long time, and I actually remember writing my very first line of Objective-C. I have been writing code since I was 14, when I was introduced to PHP and started working on websites for friends and family.

I then saw my brother with an iPhone 3G, and I was immediately sold. I fell in love with the hardware, and with my inner curiosity, I delved into the Apple Developer platform. Before long, I had downloaded Xcode and started building small little apps. Since then, I have never looked back and dedicated most of my working career to this industry.

I have witnessed many changes, from Objective-C to the introduction of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) to Swift and now SwiftUI. It’s a fast-moving industry, and I love how it keeps on evolving for the better.

During this time, I have always been a part of the iOS community; I have spoken at many conferences, wrote tutorials, recorded screencasts and contributed to books. I love being involved in the community because I know how important it is for you to learn iOS.

I am currently a Principal iOS Engineer for Circuit, whereby I spend most of my time contributing code, building out world-class engineering teams and streamlining processes for engineers.

Last year, I founded SwiftLeeds, a brand new conference hosted in the heart of Leeds, UK.

I am super thrilled to finally launch my own website here at SwiftlyRush, I plan on writing many tutorials, articles and small tips & tricks to help you build your following apps. If you want to get in touch, please do reach out to me here.